Haley Petz



My brother, Best friend, and I drove 8 hours from our home in Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee, and checked into the Graduate. It was late, we deceided to walk out to The Diner, a 6 story 60’s themed diner known for their milkshakes and hot chicken. I was a bit of a wimp and asked for the the least spicy hot chicken I could get, and I was still dying. 

We went to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Mansion. There were a lot of beautiful landscapes but we came in December, so it was very somber and dead in the cold weather! We walked through the Mansion that was on the property of the gardens, it was turned into a museum of the cheekwood family that owned the estate. It was very grand, everything is still intact from the day they sold it. 

We went to the country musical hall of fame located in downtown. We were taken through the origins of country music and how it came to be today. I am personally not a big fan of country music but it is still cool space to walk around in! Even if you are not a country music fan, its a must when in Nashville. 

From the CMHA, we made our way to the National Museum of African American Music. It was filled with interactive exhibits to learn and listen about different black artists throughout American history. From there we made our way to Hart & Huntington tattoo to get a new addition to arm. After I got some stabbies to my arm we walked two stores down to Casa Rosa, a Mexi-Cali restaraunt created by Country music star Miranda Lambert. If you ever go to Nashville, just know that all of the restaraunts on Broadway Street will be dinner and a show! Most are Honky Tonks so it’s alway loud and fun! 

Our third day there we chose to go to Centennial Park, home to the parthenon and statue of Athena in Tennessee. Still don’t know why it’s there but still pretty cool! Th athena statue was so freaking huge, it was hard to get a full photo of her.  We then went to the Frist Art Museum, where I saw one of my favorite galleries to date. A collection of sculpture and photography work from South African artist, Mary Sibande. 

We ended our trip at Assembly Hall, a large outdoor shopping district off of Broadway. We saw really cool stores that you wouldn’t find in Michigan and had some good food for lunch. We went to the Hatch Show Print Shop, a printing studio that is known for maling the famous posters for the Country stars of the 1950s-60s, I love printmaking so much so I had to buy a few original prints!

We went back to the Hotel and got ready for our reservation at the White Limozeen, a rooftop cocktail bar that is Dolly Parton themed. To our surprise, the bar had its lights fully on and the chairs stacked, to our surprise thhey were closed becuase the whole staff had COVID. We eneded up taking some pics and then walking into the night to find something to eat. We found a small hot pot restaraunt and it was my first time having it! Cheers to trying new experiences and continuing adventures!